The Friends' Network
For Severe & Brittle Asthmatics
Patron: Daniel O'Donnell
Founded by Lesley King in 1994
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Welcome to The Friends' Network website, we hope you find this site informative, interesting and easy to navigate!

We are a group of people who all suffer from this severe and debilitating condition.

We have all come together through our founder, Lesley King, who sadly is no longer with us following a severe asthma attack in June 2001. We are determined to carry on her good work so will welcome anyone who has severe/brittle/chronic asthma and is feeling alone and unsupported.

We are not medically qualified and don't offer diagnosis, recommend treatment or in anyway claim to know more than your own doctors.

We are all puffers who know our own conditions and will often comfort, support and advise on how we have coped.

Our main aim is to be there to talk to you when all the doctors have gone home and you just wish to talk/write to someone who understands what you may be going through. If you feel out of control, frightened and alone and also feel that no one understands what you are going through then this is where we can help.

Please get in touch, you have nothing to loose but your fears and isolation.

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