The Friends' Network
For Severe & Brittle Asthmatics
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Who are we and What are we trying to achieve?

What is The Friends' Network:

The Friends' Network is a support group for severe and brittle asthmatics. We offer friendly advice and support to sufferers and their families. Our support group is run by sufferers, for sufferers.

What are we trying to achieve:

Although there are many sources of information about asthma, most do not take into account the fact that brittle asthma is a condition in its own right. Where a regular asthma society may spend much time in promoting how asthmatics can live as normal a life as possible with the right treatment etc, (which is undoubtedly worthwhile and usually achievable in many asthma sufferers) there is a tendency to overlook the different, but equally important needs of the severe and brittle asthmatics whose daily lives are constantly affected by their illness despite full medical intervention.

While they would like to carry on their lives as normal, this is frequently found to be impossible and when they turn to the regular asthma societies for help, their pleas often fall on deaf ears. That is why The Friends' Network was created to offer support and friendship to severe and brittle asthmatics with their families and friends too no matter who they are or where they are.

How does The Friends' Network actually work:

The Friends' Network Support Group is presently run on a pen-pal system mainly within the United Kingdom, but with some members further a field.

Once we have your basic details we will put you in contact with others and also ask others to contact you. All we do ask is for a minimal membership fee (currently GB£5 per year and this covers such things as advertising the group and a regular newsletter, Network News, which is sent out to every paid up member 3 times a year).

If you would like more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.