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Who was she and why did she set up this network?

The group was founded by Lesley in 1994. She initially contacted the National Asthma Campaign help line looking for advice and support, but found that the information they had available was mostly aimed at those people with the more general and most widely recognised forms of asthma. Lesley was to find that there was very little information or support available for sufferers of brittle asthma, so she decided to set up a support group of her own.

She also tried to find other people like herself that suffered with brittle asthma and put much effort into getting the Network off the ground despite her own failing health.

Sadly - she lost her long battle with asthma in June 2001, leaving her husband Martin and her 6 year old daughter Jessica, as well as many very special friends to mourn her.

We intend to keep The Friends' Network working and strong in her memory.

Thank you Lesley for all that you gave us in your life and for all that you have left us, we are proud to carry on the excellent work that you started.